We understand how crucial and important is our role in this historic moment, where human footprints are having a huge effect on our planet and its beautiful ecosystem.  Our destinations are provided with eco-friendly lodges and resorts and sustainable activities, minimizing our impact on natural and cultural environments. Overland Travels concept is to perfectly balance luxury amenities and accommodations with adventurous and environmentally responsible tours. We plan every detail of your tailor-made journey, connecting you to the world in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, but also making sure to leave some room for the thrill of the adventure!

Our competent, multilingual team acts as a bridge between conscious travelers and meaningful travel experiences to discover beauty in our planet through all five senses. In this most needed moment of our time, Overland tours are designed to connect you back to the root of humanity in all its forms.

We are currently operating in Kenya and India and we will be launching our next destinations in 2020.

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