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We have selected some of our tailor-made tours to inspire you and help you design your next journey with us!


From the Great Migration in Maasai Mara, to the stunning view of Kilimanjaro Mountain in Amboseli National park, you’ll be able to live a safari experience that enriches you and gives respect and homage to Mother Nature.

Take inspiration from our example safari tour and design with us your next safari experience!


Environmentally oriented activities and experiences will take your beach holiday to the next level.

Take inspiration from our example coast tour and design with us your dream holiday!


From the beautiful beaches of Lamu island to one of the most amazing rural areas on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro where you will enjoy a charming and exciting game drive. Here is where we connect conscious travelers with an enriching volunteer experience.  Your next act of kindness is your next journey. Be part of the change!

Take inspiration from our example tour and design with us your next adventure!

Our tours are enriched with handpicked extra activities that will give a unique touch to your travel experience.


To start off our tours we usually visit the “Orphans Project”, one of the many projects of the organization, accessible to the public at established times and days.

The association takes care of small elephant and rhinos, but also other animals, orphaned by poachers who brutally kill unpunished.

It is possible to visit an area of ​​the sanctuary during the morning meal, in which baby elephants are fed by their care givers with giant milk bottles. 


Our next stop of the day is the Giraffe Sanctuary.

The organization preserves wildlife and raises awareness about sustainability and environment, offering visitors the opportunity to get in touch with these majestic creatures.

People get access to a raised platform from which it is possible to interact with giraffes and feed them only the food provided by the volunteers.

Visitors can attend a short introductory lesson on the giraffes’ species existing in the sanctuary and join a guided tour inside the park.


An area of ​​about 30 acres is home to various species of animals such as crocodiles, ostriches, camels, reptiles and birds.

The village has a restaurant with local cuisine and a small lake for little boat rides to admire the green area of ​​park.

It is possible to interact with the animals supervised by an expert tour guide, observe the crocodile’s meal and go horse riding.


One of the most charming sites which combines perfectly history, elegance and good quality food.

It is a colonial house owned by a kind lady who still runs the tea plantation which belonged to her family for five generations.

Tea tasting and historical introduction followed by a tour of the surrounding farm and forest and delicious homemade British brunch.


Nairobi City Tour through the Eyes of Street Children.

No one else has better street skills, insights and stories to share about Nairobi than former street kids. During this unique eye-opening Storytelling-Tour, you will have the opportunity to visit Nairobi downtown – the local part of the city centre. During this three-hour walking tour, they will share with you their captivating life stories of how they ended up on the streets, how they survived through hustling and begging and eventually transformed to reasonable young men. A very unique and special experience that you will keep forever in your memories


Located in the heart of Nairobi, a local craft market where you can buy pieces of woven fabrics and special souvenirs, escorted by expert tour guide.


One of the hidden corners of Nairobi where it is possible to appreciate a stunning panoramic view of the entire city; interesting to understand how it constantly grows develops.

We also offer support for night life, clubs and restaurants in Nairobi, as well as private driver and city guide to the places we recommend.


Truly a gem in the coast of Kenya, with a good combination of great food, sustainability and stunning sunset view.

It is a restaurant set up among a mangrove forest in the natural park of Watamu Marine Reserve.

Super fresh quality food that supports the fishing community as well as the Meda Creek Conservation Community, which funds conservation activities and organizes educational events to raise awareness about environmental sustainability.


A brief humanitarian experience, hosted by “Light of Maasai” NGO, which constantly works to give hope and future to the young generation and bravely battles against FGM.

In one of the most amazing rural areas on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, touch with your own hands the work and commitment of the volunteers and directors.

A unique experience that will make a difference.

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