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We have selected some of our tailor-made tours to inspire you and help you design your next journey with us!


Expect to see some of India’s finest cultural and architectural sights, from the royal marvels of Rajasthan to Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world.

The trip of a lifetime, enriched with unique travel experiences that will show you the most authentic and secreted side of India.


Visiting India is an experience unlike any other, its unique charm lies in the colorful and incredible chaos of its culture, that mesmerizes every visitor. 

Our tailor-made tour takes you by the hand through the culture of India, one of the oldest and unique with its extraordinary diversity.

Among our carefully designed travel experiences, a private yoga instructor will be at disposal for morning sessions and lessons to deepen knowledges and widen up minds of curious travelers!


India is home to enormous variety of wildlife including many endangered and rare species of animals. Our goal is to deliver the finest travel experience implementing at the same time the concepts of sustainability and wildlife conservation. 

We aspire to be discrete visitors, in harmony with the nature, doing what’s needed to respect the environment and the ecosystem.

India extra activities

India is a vast country, with so many great experiences to offer at every single corner!

Our tours are enriched with unique handpicked travel experiences in selected destinations to provide top tailor-made journeys. All our exciting activities are the perfect combination of the extraordinarily rich Indian culture.


In the beautiful “Pink City” a bicycle tour is great way to discover many interesting parts of city and get closer to the culture and traditions. 

Wandering the streets like a local, meeting and interacting with people, it’s an exciting and unique way to explore the beautiful city of Jaipur!

Our bicycle tour includes road assistance and back up vehicle with Medical Kit and of course all the equipment to safely enjoy the ride!

The tour will be escorted by a professional cycle guide and a tour guide who provide snacks as well as water bottles.

The bicycle tour will be followed by Local cuisine tasting!


Yoga is a way to learn and understand the spiritual India and it is associated with the culture of India. Practicing yoga is truly a transformative experience where people get the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. We provide with a private yoga instructor who will be at disposal for morning sessions at the accommodation.


A unique opportunity to be a part of a local household and learn to cook an authentic Indian homemade meal.  All the secrets behind the mouthwatering recipes will be revealed!

It is stimulating chance to get a hands-on experience in the Indian Kitchen as well as a cooking demonstration. 

Enjoy authentic Indian food and friendly conversation with the Indian family, a truly authentic experience in India.


When in India dance like in a Bollywood movie!

A fun and unique way to get closer with Indian music culture. It is a blend of many styles, including Belly dance, Kathak, Indian folk and Western Popular and modern dance style. 

Professional dance teacher will be holding the private lesson in the dance studio, and will provide the required props to learn and enjoy the dance class!


Visit to an Indian family in their rooftop garden with organic seasonal farming. 

While cooking delicious organic vegetables in the traditional way, the family will share stories about culture and local life as well as the customs to drape a saree and tie a safa. 

Truly a unique experience of warmth of Indian hospitality.


Unique location for an authentic Rajasthani experience, enriched with art and local culture. Finest cooks and extraordinary artists from all over Rajasthan.

Its architecture is inspired by nearby villages, havelis and palaces to create the perfect scenery.

what's included

  • All our tours and itineraries are tailor made and customizable
  • All meals are included
  • Private driver and transfers included
  • Simcard included
  • 24/7 online support and on site assistance
  • English speaking tour guide

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