About Us

We are Alice and Chiara, two young Italian entrepreneurs that want to help you hold the world in your hands through meaningful eco-travel experiences. Before becoming business partners, we have been good friends for years and share a passion for travels that are enriched with volunteering and helping the community.

The idea to create Overland Travels was sparked at a young age as we dreamt of traveling the world to discover new places and cultures. After living in Bali, Kenya and India, we always knew that our close experience with the locals was far too special to keep for ourselves. We wanted to provide the opportunity to other passionate travelers to expand their minds and their souls in a way that no normal vacation could ever do.

We launched our first Kenya Tour in 2016, then expanded the collection of handpicked experiences to other extraordinary destinations, to introduce you to locals and make a lasting impact.

Our team

Catherine Ritah

Kenya operations manager

Catherine Ritah is a leading tours and travel operator. Born and brought up in Kenya, she put her love for nature and hiking into good practice. She has in-depth knowledge about cultural values, rich history of the various tourist attractions and architectural marvels. She holds a Bachelor’s double major in Tourism and Sociology with 5 years’ experience in the travel industry. Her wide knowledge makes her conversant with the local tourism market and a highly competent person for our tours in Kenya. Catherine Ritah loves her coffee hot and strong with a good book at hand, her signature smile and beautifully-dreadlocked hair will put your mind at ease as your savor what nature has to offer.

Prashant Singh

India operations manager

Born and brought up in the urban setting of Rajasthan, Prashant's initial instincts were that of a mountain and nature lover. His in-depth knowledge about rituals, history and culture will take you to the roots of India. He is also diversified into various other tours, especially adventurous ones! Prashant has more than 5 years of experience leading trekking expeditions and summits to high-difficulty regions in Himalayas.  He is a certified trekker from IMF and holds an honorary post of Liaison Officer in IMF (Indian Mountaineering Foundation). Prashant’s emphasis on being environment friendly, his adventurous spirit and endurance, are his three key values that make him a responsible entity for our tours in India.

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